The Soul of a Dog-Owner

26 Jun

Living in a town of dog-lovers, I’ve come to an amusing conclusion. A person picks a dog they feel resembles their “soul.”

Now many folks will point out how a pet and their owner often look alike. But I think it’s even more enlightening than that.

Using only celebrity pets for the samples… let’s start with…

Adam Sandler and his bulldog…

You know who also has a bulldog?


Both guys have a similar ugly-charming, guy’s guy, rough and tough (yet secretly soft)-guy personas.

For both Sandler and Ice-T, their bulldogs clearly show us their “souls.”

Or take another extreme example… Paris Hilton.

…she carries around a fluffy, highly-bred, little bitch created purely for trivial amusement.

Starting to see it?

Now it’s true, George Clooney once had a pot-belly pig for a pet…

But I don’t really know what that means. If it even means anything.

But sticking with our canine friends, a dog sub-consciously expresses the dog-owner’s attitude on life and reflects their worldview and most tellingly it’s a clear comment on how they see themselves.

Attitude, world-view and self-awareness… together they form a funny little lens to magnify a dog-owner’s “soul.”

Like for instance, look at Hitler’s dog…

Motherfucker had a scary-ass black wolf-dog he named Blondi…

The dog looks like pure evil… It looks like it wants to eat Poland.

But ignoring pure evil for something more domesticated…

Let’s say you prefer your evil a little “cuter,” then take a look at Justin Bieber and his little furry fop of a dog.

Their hair even matches.

But really… it’s the happy vacant look in their eyes.

And we all know eyes are the seat of the soul.

You can see it in their eyes… both of them just want to be loved and brushed and loved.

Far opposite Hitler and his hell-hound, are these two…

…swimming down in the shallow end of evil.

Bieber’s cute little dog and his matching puppy-dog face will both make you forget all they ever do is look cute… and shit in the elevator on your way out for a walk.

But you’ll notice Bieber doesn’t have a bulldog.

The more you look around your world, you’ll see what I mean…

…you can clearly see someone’s soul in their dog.


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