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30 Aug

And for comparison’s sake… for those not familiar with the original… here’s the version by Leadbelly.

Equally raw, equally captivating… and it certainly shares that same haunted sense of voice.

You can see why Kurt Cobain held him in such high regard… the man had pain down deep in his gut, too.



30 Aug

One of Nirvana’s best performances… and it’s not one of their original songs… it’s a cover of the Leadbelly blues song “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”

It’s achingly raw, it’s can’t-turn-away-captivating… and it’s definitely SuperGoodSh!t…

Watch for the moment when Kurt finishes caterwauling the chorus and pauses for a moment- his eyes re-adjust and the moment always gives chills.


29 Aug

Agit-prop drag queen electronica-rap act, Christeene aka Tha Stank Angel… brings us the infectious “African Mayonnaise.”

The video is absolutely balls-in-your-face, ass-in-your-eyes tranny-punk fun and the chorus is undeniably catchy.

Cerebral Ballzy “ON THE RUN”

27 Aug


Is Cerebral Ballzy the sickest punk band on the planet?  You goddamn right!!

The boys from NYC pay homage to epic 80’s skate filmz like “Bones Brigade: The Search for Animal Chin” in this pluperfect video.

…Go skate or go home!

Dane Reynolds and Marine Layer Productions “SEEN UNSEEN”

27 Aug

Dane Reynolds… and 30 minutes from various clips from Marine Layer Productions… now that’s some SuperGoodSh!t…

If you like damn good surfing, creative filmmaking and indie music you’ve most likely never heard before then this is just right for you…

What?  You don’t have the time… Then do yourself a solid and go check out for some of the best surfing you can watch up on the interweb…



27 Aug

Like a bullet train speeding back to the video collages of the ’80s, fueled by some bouncy electro-synth-J-pop sound this is a kitschy, nostalgic throwback party for your eyes and ears.

And the song’s catchy, too!   I’m not psychic… but I can already see you liking E.S.P.

Joey Bada$$ & Capital Steez “SURVIVAL TACTICS”

27 Aug

Brooklyn be blowing up with talent right now!  This hyper-skill’d brotha Joey Bada$$ may only be 17…

But don’t tell him that because he’s dropping rhymes like a grown-ass man… with enough talent for two.

If you missed it, he was just on tour…  Good news is… now he’s home and making fresh tracks to clear out your ear wax.