TOP TEN: Reasons Why Surfing’s Cooler Than All Other Sports

8 Oct

by Zaron Burnett III

10.  It’s the only sport you use Sex Wax

9.  What other sport will you see dolphins next to you?

8.  Unlike in football, a surfer never has to reach between another guy’s legs to start surfing

7.  Surfers hang out at the beach, boxers hang out in Las Vegas

6.  No girl has ever said a pro bowler looked sexy leaving a bowling alley

5.  Surfers never get charged with sodomizing massage therapists in Colorado.  I’m looking at you Kobe Bryant

4.  Other than smoking pot surfers don’t use performance-enhancing drugs

3.  Unlike a horse, a surfboard never takes a shit while you’re riding it

2.   Surfers get tans… Bicycle racers get testicular cancer

1.  Surfers get a face full of ocean-spray, wrestlers get a face full of ball-sweat


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