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19 Jan


If you’re compiling a list of the greatest SoCal punk bands ever, one band has to be in the top five… Adolescents.  This song isn’t one of their best.  But if you’ve ever been in Orange County this song will make you laugh your ass off.  It calls out the O.C. for all of its pretentiousness, which is still as true today as it was in the early ’80s.  Enjoy!

“This is for you Fullerton!”






16 Jan

This video features one of the funniest soul songs ever… “Trogolodyte.”  The Jimmy Castor Bunch were no doubt funky but this video emphasizes the fun in funky.  Featuring a little person acting out the lyrics and the world of the caveman… he chases down and takes home a cavewoman all his own… Bertha… Bertha Butt… one of the The Butt Sisters.

All we can say… take a gander.  You will certainly be entertained.  The video may be pixelated and the acting is silly but it will make ya grin.  But if you prefer… here’s a studio version of the band performing the same song live.


16 Jan

Continuing our sweep through the ’60s comes this one-hit wonder, Question Mark and the Mysterians and their soul hit “96 Tears.”

It’s a fun song as sad as the romantic longing may be.  Once again the organ plays a prominent part in the sound.  It’s a hummable, bouncy fun little pop song and almost entirely forgotten or overlooked by modern audiences.  The band got their name from a 1957 Japanese sci-fi film.  And some music critics say they were the first band to be given the label “punk rock.”  Enjoy!


16 Jan

Been flipping back in time to the simple soulful ’60s.  And we plucked out this gem from Eric Burdon and the Animals.

It’s a blues staple and part of the British blues revival that brought many great almost-forgotten blues artists back to the world.

The studio setting is so painfully quaint, it’s almost cute.  The organ-playing is so awesome, it reminded us why we love soul music. And Eric Burdon’s voice is indescribably unique.  Enjoy!