MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND – “To Pluto’s Moon” (Son Lux Remix)

30 Nov

this song starts out… breathy, moody, European… it’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong… but…

… at around 1:41… these N’awlens horns and drunk piano boom into the remix and the whole thing lifts off into the sky.

it makes for a beautiful paradox.  what was once a fluttering bird, the song turns the corner and becomes straight madness.  i imagine a shy European woman driving a hot pink ’64 Impala, bouncing against the sky, dipping down from the clouds, suddenly lifting back up on notes of haunted beauty, then dropping that big bottom again…

and we can’t get enough.


It’s the End of the World!! How Do I Manage My Social Calendar?!

25 Nov

by Elvis Acosta

In less than a month… it’ll be… December 21st… the end of the world.

Or at least, according to some folks.  Rather than argue with their doom and gloom Mayan calendar (nonsense), let’s just say… they’re right.

Then the question changes and quickly becomes: Well, shit… what do I do with the last 30 or so days until Armageddon?

It’s a supremely interesting question to ask oneself.  It must be like how it feels for some suicidal types as they count down the days and cross off to-do items from their lists.  If it all works out… you write a pretty awesome list of what’s important to you.  And it should be worth the time to come up with such a list… especially when time is suddenly so limited and hyper-valuable.

Plus, it seems morbidly fun to consider the choices one would make when the world is ending.  What’s first on your list?

Obviously you want to spend as much time as you can with your friends, family and loved ones… but beyond all that obvious sentimental shit…  What are you really gonna do with your last days of life on Earth?

For me… that’s an easy one.  First I need to rush out and take a motorcycle lesson and then buy or maybe steal a motorbike.  That’s just a no-brainer.  Haven’t been lucky enough to own a motorcycle yet.  But since I only have three or so weeks left, I’m going riding.  I’ll sure try not to get arrested for doing 160mph in-town- but I can’t promise anything since I’ve never had one of my own before.  I’ll certainly have to balance it all against my desire not to go to jail.

Because as we all know, jail is just about the last place you want to be when the world ends.  But no doubt about it- I’m getting a motorbike.

After that… the next question will be: How much time to spend fucking?

If you have a partner, you both have to be honest with each other and really ask yourselves, “Baby, how much loving d’you wanna get in before the world ends?”

Some partners will be like, ”Oh, we fucking…,”  while others might say, “At least once a day seems good to me.”  Or something like that.  Maybe they won’t sound so much like a cartoon white guy.  But the question needs to be answered.

If you don’t have a partner, you gotta ask yourself the slightly more depressing question because it involves the possibility of wasting time, “How much time do I wanna spend chasing tail?”

It’s gonna be a very personal choice.  But as we all know, sex is important so we need to make time for it.  That’s all I’m saying.

One other thing.  End-of-the-world sex-capades seem like they’ll be unnaturally obsecene and fantastical, I’m talking bizarre cosplay- like you’re a horny uniorn and she’s a sexy My Little Pony, or maybe you’re a mustached cop and she’s a Russian prostitute, or you just cover yourselves in blackberry jelly and lick each other clean.  Whatever.  But I don’t wanna miss out on some of that end-of-the-world sex.

Maybe it’s a sci-fi cliché.  But I’ve always imagined sex in the last days of life on Earth, somehow it’ll be the coolest and most defiant act you can do, like raising a middle finger against the coming end-times.

Next for me… the question of travel comes up.

Where do you wanna be when the Apocalypse happens?

Like, for instance, it sounds cool to be at a rave at the foot of the pyramids for the end of the world…

…until the shit goes down and now you’re just in a desert where you don’t speak the language and the world is ending.

What if the end isn’t some cosmic cataclysm… and we don’t all die in some instantaneous catastrophe?

What if… instead it’s just hell on earth for awhile…  Do you wanna make it worse by being a tourist in Egypt?

Or maybe that’s total genius and Egypt is the best place in the world to be when the world ends?  You never know…

Guess I’d say… play it to your comfort level.  Like, if you speak the language, that’d be pretty key.  But hey, don’t let any anticipated discomfort limit your imagination, you go wherever you feel comfortable and make those last days on earth memorable- which if you think of it is actually kinda silly since you’ll soon be dead and what good are memories when you’re dead…

Food.  We haven’t talked much about that…  I’ll probably spend a few days and nights of this last month just eating until I have to loosen my belt.  I’m not typically a glutton but I’ll enjoy a few feasts of some of my favorite dishes.  I’m sure you have your favorites.  It would be super-purple awesome if when the end of the world came I had a turkey leg in one hand… and maybe a thigh in my other hand… if you know what I’m saying.   I’d certainly be shiny-faced and smiling.

Speaking of which… there are some unappreciated modern conveniences I will miss when the world ends. Like, I’m gonna miss hot water plumbing.  Hot water on demand…?  That’s the height of luxury in the post-apocalypse.

Seriously, I don’t imagine hot water will be readily on-demand in the post-apocalypse.   It may be a bit philosophical of me, but I’m gonna be honest, I’ll be spending considerable time enjoying long showers and slow baths.  Making some time for that.

Personally, I have no desire to go on one of those classic spending sprees.  But hey, if that’s your thing, I could totally see how that’d be a fun way to spend some last days.

Just blowing through stores like a Tasmanian devil would be pretty epic.  Yeah… now that I really imagine it… okay, a shopping spree would be fun.   Might do that once or twice.  And a shopping spree at a camping goods store, that would be pretty damn smart.

Assuming bands will still be touring, since nothing, not even the end of the world will stop a musician from playing a gig- I’m gonna go see as many bands as I can.

Which in terms of time it means I’ll have to balance all that live music against attending one opera, as many movies I can cram in, gotta see Lincoln before the world ends, and maybe some of the Lucha Libre masked wrestling, a good drag show, the symphony and a last whirlwind tour of all my favorite galleries in town.  Art is important.  Thinking about it now, all that art and culture will eat up a good deal of my last days and nights, so it seems scheduling will be necessary.

But it’s so terribly lame to schedule your last days on Earth…  I mean it’s the end of the world.   If ever there’s a time to throw caution and planning to the wind… But I guess, yeah, a loose schedule’s gonna work far better and get more stuff done.

It’s such a tough amount of time… 30 days.  Not enough to sail around the world but  it’s enough time to ski down a mountain on each continent.  I mean, you don’t know if weather would work out in your favor and you’d get snow everywhere but the jet travel would get you there.

Four weeks.

It’s so much time… and so little.

What are you gonna do with your last weeks on Earth?

We’ll be back with a series of ideas of how to spend your last days of life on Earth.

Happy Armageddon to you!

DEATH GRIPS “Takyon (Death Yon)”

31 Oct

The video matches the song for pure intensity… and it’s all so darkly beautiful it’s disturbing yet I bet you don’t look away.

Starting with an office break-in, a gas masked-man, a blue tarp and the sound of an abducted employee… it rockets off into the avant garde from there.

Love the animation.  The fluid movements are hypnotic.  If you like your rap stark, your metal heavy and your beats deep… this video and this band have got plenty for your ass.

Death Grips.

The Battle of “Reason and Emotion”

22 Oct

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s Disney produced a series of “educational” films for young Americans.  There were the surprising titles like “The Story of Menstruation” and “VD Attack Plan” films about a girl getting her period and a story of young people catching venereal diseases.  There were the surreal titles such as “Donald in Mathemagic Land” that found the famous duck confronted with the odd world of math. And of course, since it was Disney, there were also the films that focused on breaking bad habits such as “No Smoking” that featured Goofy facing a tough nicotine jones.

But the one we remember and still find amusing was the eternal battle of “Reason and Emotion.”  Created during the height of World War II it uses the lessons of the day to show why listening to reason defeated Hitler who preyed upon emotion.

In this funny little short, Disney highlights our attempts to overcome our emotional nature so we listen to the higher aims of reason.  For some of us… an occasional reminder of this ongoing battle is necessary.

So if you’re like us and need a funny reminder of why you can’t do whatever the hell you want…  Enjoy!!


17 Oct


This is our new favorite L.A. band…  They don’t try to be cool.  The motherfuckers just are cool… because they’re so damn much stupid fun.  Their music is solid.  The lyrics are dark.  And their sound is throwback pop punk/garage punk.

Their music videos… are fucking awesome fun!  They’re cheeky, silly things.  And when you watch ’em, the band reminds you waking up drunk, high and on the floor is sometimes the best way to live your life.  Sometimes we all need to remember not to take life too seriously… or else you’ll ruin it.

Here are two of our favorite videos.  If ya like ’em, check out their FIDLAR youtube channel… they have tons of videos!

If you were wondering…  FIDLAR = Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk





16 Oct

Around here we’re big fans of Nirvana.  There’s no doubt they’re undeniable supergoodsh!t.

And right now… this song… these lyrics… they seem to say it all.

What better answer to sadness than to listen to the post-humously-released recordings of a suicide victim?

He knows better than you what sadness is.  It’s like no matter how sad you are… you’re still alive so it can’t be that bad, right?

“You know you’re right.”


14 Oct

Merry Christmas, muthafuckas… it’s finally here.  Mykki Blanco’s latest video.

This one’s less stylish than “Wavvy” but it fits this song perfectly.  Herky, jerky, and totally lurky… And we love the harsh mix of feminine bitch attitude and scratchy husky masculine braggadocio.  Hip-hop just turned a corner.  Like Marlon Brando or Heath Ledger did for the world of acting, hip-hop now has it’s own… a blend of the feminine and the masculine into a creature that’s more than both.

Transcend them motherfuckers.  Move past them bitches.  Mykki, you out there by yourself!