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11 May

If you miss riot grrrls and punk rock girls who’d spit in your face and steal you beer along with your heart… then this song is for you.

They’re not Americans, they’re late 90s British punk. And we only wish we had the chance to see them play live.

It may take you more than one listen, but check the lyrics… some may stick with you perfect for those time when you could use a good  laugh.



11 May


This dude Hanni El Khatib is a genuine rocknroll badass. And we’re damn sure glad he came along. The world needs a little more of his sort of boot-stomping wildman rocknroll. It’s good for the blood and good for the soul.

I’m sure he’ll be all over commercials as soon as you’re reading this but hell it’s still damn good music.

And this video… shit like this is the best side of globalism. One giant melange of world culture… with plenty of strange-beautiful nudity, pointless but fun guns, thrown around motorbikes and Japanese gangsters in their tight whiteys. This video has everything!


17 Oct


This is our new favorite L.A. band…  They don’t try to be cool.  The motherfuckers just are cool… because they’re so damn much stupid fun.  Their music is solid.  The lyrics are dark.  And their sound is throwback pop punk/garage punk.

Their music videos… are fucking awesome fun!  They’re cheeky, silly things.  And when you watch ’em, the band reminds you waking up drunk, high and on the floor is sometimes the best way to live your life.  Sometimes we all need to remember not to take life too seriously… or else you’ll ruin it.

Here are two of our favorite videos.  If ya like ’em, check out their FIDLAR youtube channel… they have tons of videos!

If you were wondering…  FIDLAR = Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk






8 Oct


8 Oct

Around here we’re counting down the dayz until Mykki Blanco drops the new one for “Haze.Boogie.Life.”

It’s like the night before Christmas… only in our ‘hood, Santa’s a cross-dressing fire-spitter not some sketchy old fat man!

For now… here’s another chance to see the best music video from 2012 so far… “Wavvy”

TOP TEN: Reasons Why Surfing’s Cooler Than All Other Sports

8 Oct

by Zaron Burnett III

10.  It’s the only sport you use Sex Wax

9.  What other sport will you see dolphins next to you?

8.  Unlike in football, a surfer never has to reach between another guy’s legs to start surfing

7.  Surfers hang out at the beach, boxers hang out in Las Vegas

6.  No girl has ever said a pro bowler looked sexy leaving a bowling alley

5.  Surfers never get charged with sodomizing massage therapists in Colorado.  I’m looking at you Kobe Bryant

4.  Other than smoking pot surfers don’t use performance-enhancing drugs

3.  Unlike a horse, a surfboard never takes a shit while you’re riding it

2.   Surfers get tans… Bicycle racers get testicular cancer

1.  Surfers get a face full of ocean-spray, wrestlers get a face full of ball-sweat

Words That Sound Funny: FETISHIST

29 Sep